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What is organic tea ?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Compared 10 years ago, right now, what we see in supermarket is full of products claimed to be organic. These includes retailers' different eco labels, or organic certifications on the packaging which add extra value to the products. Do you know this is also applied on the tea product?

While exposing under many selections, are we ever wondered what is the definition of organic? Is it because of the certification, smell/ taste of the product, or the cultivation of the product? After knowing the tea is organic, does the psychology plays a meditator which makes us feeling the tea taste more delicious? Or maybe with the stereotype of organic product, you have the feeling that the taste won't be nice, but it is definitely healthy product!

The truth is lots of tea where we exposed are having different types of flavours to strengthen consumers' tasteful experience. Common Flavouring are such as strawberry, ginger, passionfruit etc. These tea gives people the perception that healthy vegetable or fruit are added in the hot tea. If we ever open the teabags, when seeing those small leaves particles, we will usually smell the fruit/ vegetable as what the product name is referring. But imagine when you are eating strawberry or ginger directly, did you notice the smell and the taste of these fruit from the tea are much stronger than what we normally eat- This is because of the heavy flavouring that is used to strengthen the perception of expected flavour.

Natural tea leaves usually contains light sweetness, organic tea are especially having more sweetness due to the special cultivation method it applied. This is usually done via no pesticide, therefore meaning no protection from insects. When insects are happy to visit the farm means there is no chemical ingredients involved. While cultivating organic tea, surprisingly, while opening doors for insects, we found out teas are contained different types of natural sweetness. These sweetness are various depends on the regions that it comes from.

In next blog, I will share with you the special tea grown up next to Pacific Ocean island :)

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