Chamomile Oolong Tea

Chamomile Oolong Tea

🌱What is Special?

This fusion brings out multiple layers of flowery & honey-like sweetness which provides a full mouthful experience. It is also one of the popular fusions among our tea fans from tasting events. 


🌱Product Information

> Instead of containing chopped tea leaves, we are using the full tea leaves with luxury pyramid tea bag to give our customers a better taste experience (tea leaves have bigger space to extend in pyramid tea bag. So it'll be tastier! You could re-brew for 2-3 times).


> We sourced oolong tea from one of our organic gardens in Taiwan. We source chamomile from a local farmer in Greece. 



  • Tea Bag / Tea Leaves

    Both tea leaves and tea bags are available. 

    Each tea bag weighs 3g, therefore tea bag option will contain 10 tea bags (30g). 

  • Return Policy

    Every piece of our tea is produced and packaged with sincere and care. However, if there is any broken product you received during the post journey, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will provide the subsititue as soon as possible.

  • Shipping Info

    Shipment will be prepared in 24 hours. Free shipping within Europe for more than 70 euros. Free shipping outside of EU for more than 100 euros.

    Standard shipping within Europe takes 5-7 days. Outside Europe takes 7-10 days. 

  • Price

    Teabag (30g): 24 euros

    Tea Leaves-

    S (30g): 24 euros

    M (60g): 46 euros

    L  (100g): 76 euros