Chrysanthemum Black Tea

Chrysanthemum Black Tea

🌱What is special?

This special type of Black Tea is coming from the north of Taiwan. This fusion is blended together with dried crysanthumum which adds extra flavour for the taste. We planted the crysnathumum in our own garden, and picked the flowers in the early morning as the morning fog provides the perfect amount of waterdrops in the flowers. This moisture helps the final baked tea comes with even more tastier aroma and taste!


🌱You may want to know 

>Some people may wonder why is the tea has rather lighter flowery taste, or not seeing many flower petals. The answer is because we only baked flowers to bring more smell and taste into the black tea. The relatively lighter taste of the blend is due to there is no artificial blending. The handmade blend brings the smell and aroma to be relatively light if compared with ones with artificial flavouring. We wish to provide you the authentic chrysanthemum black tea to enjoy! :)


🌱Product Information

> Instead of containing chopped tea leaves, we are using the full tea leaves with crysanthumum. There is no artificial flavouring.  

> You can re-brew the tea for 2-3 times :)

> Black tea is sourced from one of our organic garden. Crysanthumums are sourced from our own flower garden.

  • Shipping Info

    Shipment will be prepared in 24 hours. Free shipping within Europe for more than 70 euros. Free shipping outside of EU for more than 100 euros.

    Standard shipping within Europe takes 5-7 days. Outside Europe takes 7-10 days.

  • Price

    S (30g): 21 euros

    M (60g): 42 euros

    L  (100g): 66 euros

  • Return Policy

    Every piece of our tea is produced and packaged with sincere and care. However, if there is any broken product you received during the post journey, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will provide the subsititue as soon as possible.

  • Currently, only tea leaves is available