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Milky Oolong

Milky Oolong

SKU: 0007

This milky oolong is harvested in autumn 2019. 


🌱What is special?

> Pesticide free, Organic 

> Same tea leaves can be re-brewed for 3-4 times

> Unlike most of the supply chain, we work directly with farmers, so what you drink is directly cultivated by our farmer friends. 

> We wish to encourage more organic farming as it contributes to the healthy impact to our soil. 


🌱You may want to know 

> Some people are wondering if milky oolong is ever steamed with milk. Here is the answer: No, it is not. The origin of milky oolong's name is due to some people feel there is a slight milky taste when drinking it. From the farming perspective, we don't usually describe it as milky, we think there is a relatviely flowery and sweeter taste depending the growing environment of the milky oolong. We simply respect this English translation, but please don't get misled by the name ;) Indeed, some producers will steam the milky oolong with flavouring so it will taste as exactly like the name. But we are not doing it as we wish to provide you the authentic milky oolong to enjoy :)


🌱Tea Garden Information:

> This tea garden has been farming tea for 20 years, with 5 years in organic resting. The tea garden is located at latitude 400. 

> Tea garden is right next to the orange farms, which affects the soil and therefore comes to the speical tatse of this milk oolong. 

  • Tea Bag / Tea Leaves

    Both tea leaves and tea bag are available 

  • Price

    Teabag (30g): 20 euros

    Tea Leaves- 

    S (30g): 20 euros

    M (60g): 40 euros

    L  (100g):  62 euros

  • Shipping Info

    Shipment will be prepared in 24 hours. Free shipping for more than 50 EUR in Sweden. Free shipping within Europe for more than 70 euros


    Asia Region: Free Shipping for more than 15 EUR ( 500 TWD) in Taiwan and more than 45 EUR (1500 TWD) to Hong Kong & Singapore


    Due to the single default currency setted by the website provider, we are currently working on coding. We wish to soon provide you the currency in EUR, SEK and TWD


    Standard shipping within Sweden and other EU countries takes 5-7 days. Shipment in Taiwan take 2-3 days and 3-5 days to HK & Singapore.

  • Return Policy

    Every piece of our tea is produced and packaged with sincere and care. However, if there is any broken product you received during the post journey, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will provide the subsititue as soon as possible.

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