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Pick Your Favourite TEA


Richard from Zeeland, the Netherlands

This Oriental Beauty Tea brings a tasty pairing with goat cheese. It adds the extra honey and peach like aroma

Johanna from Trelleborg, Sweden

I always love having Oriental Beauty Tea in the morning along with my oat and fruit as breakfast! 

Monica from Copenhagen, Denmark

From the first brew to the last brew, I have a great adventure with Milky Oolong. From creamy to floral- fully enjoy!

Sonia from Stockholm, Sweden

I love having Chamomile Oolong with together with a healthy smoothie bowl in the morning! A great start of the day! 

Jamie from Hong Kong

I have start drinking oolong teas from Tea Wonderland since it established. So far, it is my favourite tea company!

Fiffy from Seattle, US

This Chamomile Oolong is magical!  It always brings me the very calm emotion after drinking it. I guess this is also part of Tea Wonderland's magic! 

Jonas from Gothenburg, Sweden

Pacific Black Oolong from Tea Wonderland is one of my favourite among dark oolong! 

Gloria from Vienna, Austria

I particularly love Milky Oolong tea from Tea Wonderland. I had tried 2019 winter harvest and 2020 spring harvest! Very impressive tea!

Anna from Leuven, Belgium

I don't usually have tea drinks directly from tea leaves because I thought I won't get used to it! My first tea leaves experience is with Tea Wonderland and I love the Oolong taste! From the beginning when I learned to brew it, I was amazed how the tea leaves can expand so much from a small ball.

Pictures Shared from Customers/Bloggers

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